Teaching philosophy

Inspired profoundly by the work of bell hooks, particularly her influential book "Teaching to Transgress", I approach my role as an educator with a focus on transformative, inclusive, and engaged pedagogy. This philosophy not only shapes my teaching approach but also resonates with my commitment to creating an educational environment that fosters freedom and critical thinking.

Courses taught:

Faculty of Graphic + Digital Design
University of the Fraser Valley

  • User Experience Design – GD 304
  • Interactive Design I: Foundations in Web Design – GD 202

School of Creative Arts
University of the Fraser Valley

Introductory Studio III:
Digital Multi-Too – VA 119

Faculty of Design (Industrial)
OCAD University

Human Centred Design – INDS2016

Media and Communication Studies
University of Guelph-Humber

  • Digital Design II – MDST 3120
  • Digital Design I – MDST 2070

Faculty of Design
OCAD University

  • Media Studio: Social – ILLU 4010
  • History & Evolution Typography – VISD 2004


(2023) Panjabi-Centred Design: Embracing Transgressive Liberation and Fostering Accessibility in Healthcare and Social Welfare for the Panjabi Communities. (Upcoming: November 5, 2023) at Magnify Conference. UK.

(2023) Panjabi-Centred Design: Building a knowledge dissemination and translation framework. (March 11, 2023) at Toronto Metropolitan University and York University. Toronto.

(2022) Panjabi Healthcare Translation Framework (September 19, 2022) at iCON Project - UBC. Online.

(2022) Understanding the Health Care System in B.C. (August 7, 2022) at iCON Project - UBC. Online.

(2022) Safely Managing Your Chronic Disease Medications at  Home  (July 17, 2022) at iCON Project - UBC. Online.

(2022) Co-creating Sikh-Panjabi spaces through creative storytelling. – True Home Panel (April 11, 2022). Online and Surrey, B.C. Canada.

(2022) Discovering True Home: an immersive installation (April 8, 2022) at CBC Listen Radio. Online.

(2021). Panjabi-Centred Design: Accessibility in the Panjabi Diaspora (November 5, 2021) at Civil Services United Kingdom, Manchester, United Kingdom.

(2020) True Allyship and Racism in the Fraser Valley (June 16, 2020). Civl Radio, Abbotsford, Canada.

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