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Open Minds Project

Open Minds and Open Hearts

Open Minds Project (OMP) is a collaboration project between Taraki (UK based mental organization) and Sarbat Sikhs (UK LGBTQ+ based volunteer organization). The purpose of OMP is to create a positive and progressive hub for Punjabi LGBTQ+ diaspora and their allies to connect and support each other.

Through brand development exercises, we discovered the best way for them to educate and provide a progressive hub is through content-based resources like podcasts, articles, videos, and events.

You will see the process of brand development, I was able to help them find their Vision, Values, Voice & Tone and Positioning. Voice & Tone was crucial for this project since there is a huge stigma around the Punjabi-Sikh community about the LGBTQ+ community. So, defining the Voice & Tone of OMP will help the Punjabi-Sikh LGBTQ+ community create a positive and progressive hub in the diaspora.

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