The path to understanding your health.

Kosh is a Panjabi database of healthcare terminology specializing in mental and physical health. The vision is to support, decolonize and empower the Panjabi community to get rid of the taboo related to mental health and physical health. Kosh will aim to provide a resource to health and community organizations/practitioners & health care providers to deal with the mental health and physical-related issues whilst keeping behavioural, cultural and religious context/practices.
There are two key audiences for the Kosh project- The Panjabi community and health care providers & practitioners. Looking at the Panjabi community, the deep-rooted stigma about mental health is clearly visible. While looking at the health care providers & practitioners, the gap appears when the initial diagnosis happens, the cultural, behavioural and religious context/practices are not factored in.

The solution is to provide trans-media resources from a  user-centred design or human-centred design (Panjabi-centred design) aspect.

︎ Kosh received an honourable mention for the Jim Rimmer Scholarship from GDC (Graphic Design of Canada).

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