Imroze is Today.

Imroze Singh is a multidisciplinary creator born and raised in Amritsar, Panjab (ATQ) & Vancouver, Canada (YVR) and currently living in Toronto, Canada (YYZ).

He started as a graphic designer but his skills evolved to everything and in between inclusive design, branding, marketing, to content production. His work is at the intersection of Digital Marketing, Brand Development, Inclusive Design and Interpretation/Translation. Keeping his heritage in mind, he focuses on creating experiences of longing and self-discovery.


He Co-Founded 96 Tribal– a branding agency. He’s had the opportunity of working on multiple brands. He has helped cultivate growth for brands involved in art galleries, non-profits, e-commerce, clothing, real estate, and online coaching. Some of them include Ferrero Rocher, Autism Speaks Canada, Tic Tac, Provincial Health Service Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health Authority, Sikh Research Institute, University of the Fraser Valley, Kinder, I Love My Muff, Sikh Heritage Manitoba, Nutella, Sapporo, United Way and more.


  • AAS (Hope), Lens of Empowerment 
    University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), 2012

  • AAS (Hope), Lens of Empowerment
    Loughborough University, 2013

  • AAS (Hope) – The Movie
    Punjabi International Film Festival, 2013

  • The Anti-Sikh Pogroms in Delhi
    South Asian Studies Institute (UFV), 2014

  • That Land Beyond the Waves
    South Asian Studies Institute (UFV), 2014

  • IN5 Experium – Experience The Golden Temple
    Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI), Brampton, 2019

  • Guru Nanak Sahib: 1-ness to 1-Idenity – SikhRI 
    National Museum, New Delhi, 2020


  • 2010 - 2015 University of the Fraser Valley
    Diploma in Graphic Digital Design
    Minor in Marketing

  • 2015 Brainstation
    Digital Marketing

  • 2018 Brainstation
    Social Media Marketing

  • 2019 Brainstation
    Product Management

We must leave beautiful things in our wake. – Imroze.Today